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Desserts in India hold a great importance in the culture and tradition. In every occasion, mouthwatering dessert is served to the guest. No Indian dessert is made without the combination of some amount of milk. So, milk and milk products involving clarified butter, cottage cheese, butter, etc. are the important source of the required animal […]

If you want to eat healthily and stay healthy buying fresh food is a must. The good news is that there are many tips and tricks you can utilize to enhance the shelf-life of fresh foods. Plan your meals beforehand which will help you avoid food wastage. Try not to buy unnecessary food items when […]

Bangalore is one of the leading food hubs in the country. The people residing here are very sophisticated and belongs to college-goers, entrepreneurs, corporates and finance. In addition to it, families are also here which led to a healthy mix of crowd. Those who are being in the food industry in the metro cities like […]

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